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Friday, April 4, 2014

Tamil Horoscope Sani Peyarchi 2015 to 2017 Rasi Palan

Tamil Horoscope Sani Peyarchi 2015 to 2017  
This is the prediction for Tamil horoscope sani peyarchi 2014 to 2017 rasi palan. Saturn is the strongest of all planets and in this year 2014 it is going to move from Libra to Scorpio on 2nd November at 00:59 am. This is another big planet transit of this year after Guru Transit. The lord of the sign Scorpio is Planet Mars and thus this sign is supposed to be the adversary one for Saturn. Generally Saturn stays in a particular sign for the period of 2.5 years, thus it will stay in the sign Scorpio till 26th January 2017. The result of this biggest transit will be seen on every sign for this year and next two years.
Following are the forecasts for all the zodiac signs for Saturn transit 2014

Sani peyarchi 2015 for Mesha rasi Aries: Saturn is transiting from 7th house to 8th house in sign Aries. The people under this sign will have to undergo hard period because of this transit. The Saturn position in 8th house may lead to delay in all major works, so it is advised to complete all major tasks before the date of Saturn transit that is before 2nd November. Old health issues will trouble again so better to be alert. Breakage or misunderstandings in love relationship is highly predicted. Avoid long journey after 2nd November.

Sani peyarchi 2015 for Rishaba rasi Taurus: The Saturn is moving from 6th house to 7th house of the sign Taurus. 7th house generally covers the fields like long journeys, personal relationships and social status. Obviously the Saturn transit can affect the mentioned fields. Cheating and betrayal in professional field is predicted. You have to be alert of your rivals who may try to spoil your status. Your compromising nature will help you to balance your relationships.

Sani peyarchi 2015 for Mithuna rasi Gemini: Saturn will transit in 6th house of this sign. Generally the 6th house controls all adverse sides like diseases and problems. But with its transit Saturn will bring some positive effects for the people under this sign. You will enjoy good health and richness both this year. Movement of Saturn will move some pending and unresolved matters on the right track and you will enjoy the fruit of success.

Sani Peyarchi 2015 for Kataka rasi Cancer: Saturn is transiting from 4th house to 5th house in this sign. This transit will not be so beneficial for students. Educational plans will not be fulfilled. Family relationship will be highly affected. Income source will be stable but other problems will lead you towards anxiety and nervousness.

Sani peyarchi 2015 for Simha rasi Leo: Transit of Saturn in 4th house will give very negative effects to the people under Leo sign. Leo people are advised to be very alert in all the fields. Financially this will be the worst year for them. There will be drastic change in job and social status even. Save your money for your bad period. Avoid borrowing money for your needs. This will only add to your troubles.

Sani peyarchi 2015 for Kanni rasi Virgo: Saturn transit in 3rd house of Virgo will be very beneficial for the people under this sign. The Saturn transit cycle of 7.5 years is getting over in this sign and thus you can enjoy all positive results this year. Money matters will get solved positively. Sudden gain is highly predicted too. Long journeys and new opportunities are expected.

Sani peyarchi 2015 Thula rasi Libra: These are the last 2.5 years of Saturn cycle in this sign. This last some years will be tough for you. Money problems will disturb many other fields and affect your mind adversely. Health problems like back pain and knee pain may occur. Pay proper attention and medication towards your health.

Sani peyarchi 2015 for vrischika rasi Scorpio: Saturn transit will prove positive in the fields like money and career but it will give negative effects in the fields like physical and mental health. The chances of accidents are predicted so better to be alert. Stomach problems related to digestive system are likely to occur. Property deals and new business plans will get successful.

Sani peyarchi 2015 Dhanusu Rasi palan Sagittarius: Enter of Saturn in 12th house will show you many problems. The people under this sign will be badly affected due to this transit. Take care of your health. Expenditure will be lot more than the income so try to balance between the both. Try to keep the personal relationship unaffected.

Sani peyarchi 2014 Makara rasi Capricorn: this sign comes under the rule of planet Saturn, thus Saturn leaves very good results for the people under this sign. The year will be full of good news and new opportunities. You will enjoy lot of financial benefits and a very energetic health.

Sani peyarchi 2014 Kumbha rasi Aquarius: Saturn transit will lead you towards health problems. You have to face many disputes on career level but you will be successful at the end. Prediction of job change is high.

Sani peyarchi 2014 Meena rasi Pisces: Saturn is moving in 9th house of this sign. This year will bring some intellectual disturbance in your life. Keep your aims clear and march towards them. Your faith on God will help you to fight against any problem.

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