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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Marriage horoscope 2014 Rai Palan

Marriage horoscope 2014 Rai Palan
Mesha rasi marriage 2014 Palan Aries
The first half of the month is not much favourable for marriage alliances but June and July are the perfect months for marriage proposals. Be alert while thinking about the proposal given by the unknown people, trust only the reliable sources in matter of marriage. It can prevent future consequences

Rishaba rasi marriage 2014 Palan Taurus
The people under this rashi will not find this year much supportive in the matter of marriage. The proposals will come but very less chances are there it turn it successfully. The end of the year will show some chances of suitable alliance. Try to send or receive marriage proposals in the month of November and December.

Mithuna rasi marriage 2014 Palan Gemini
This year is full of love and happiness for the people of this rashi. Proposals will start from the beginning of the year. Chances of marriage are high in the month of June and July. Chances of love marriage are highly predicted. Your childhood friends can turn into your loving life partner.

Kataka rasi marriage 2014 Palan Cancer
The people under this rashi are very selective about their life partner. This year will not bring them more proposals to select from. Last four months of the year will bring some good alliances but Cancer people may not feel much positive about them.
Simha rasi marriage 2014 Palan Leo
Starting of the year may bring you some interesting proposals. Don’t try to find minor points to reject the suitable alliance. The end of the year will make the people under this rashi to think very seriously about the proposals received during early months of the year. The end of the year predicts chances of engagement and marriage.

Kanni rasi marriage 2014 Palan Virgo
This year will ring wedding bells for the people of Virgo rashi. Chances of getting perfect life partner are highly predicted. The possibility of getting suitable alliances from friends and relatives is forecasted. The months of September and October are suitable months to fix marriage dates.
Thula rasi marriage 2014 Palan Libra
This year will overall prove very tough for Libra people. Even in the matter of marriage they have to face bad fortune. Good proposals will come but chances of failure are more. Though last two months will be little lucky for you but chances of marriage are weak this year.

Viruchigam rasi marriage 2014 Palan Scorpio
Eligible Scorpio bachelors can dream for their marriage this year. Planet position is perfect for marriage celebration. Those who are in love will get green signal from the marriage. April and May are the months will be perfect for marriage ceremony.

Dhanusu rasi marriage 2014 Palan Sagittarius
Sagittarius people are choosy about their life partner. They may take time to find the love of their life. The first half of the year will be full of proposals but the end of the year will be perfect to fix the marriage dates. Chances of love marriage are also high.

Makara rasi marriage 2014 Palan Capricorn
The year is good for wedding proposals. You may receive many suitable alliances during May and June months. Friends and relatives will be helpful for you to find suitable life partner. Register yourself in matrimonial bureaus to improve the chances of right partner.

Kumba rasi marriage 2014 Palan Aquarius
In the months of July and August the chances of marriage are high. You have to take some efforts by yourself to find suitable match. Be alert and think properly before accepting any alliance. Don’t focus on money and status while selecting your life partner.

Meena rasi marriage 2014 Palan Pisces
Those who are in love can dream for marriage this year. You can get the love of your life if you are single. August and September are the most suitable months for ringing wedding bells. You will get some interesting marriage proposals from reliable resources.

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