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Rasi characters in Tamil horoscope astrology

This is Rasi characters in tamil horoscope astrology. Every zodiac sign represents different characteristics and personality. Let’s try to...

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Rasi characters in Tamil horoscope astrology

This is Rasi characters in tamil horoscope astrology. Every zodiac sign represents different characteristics and personality. Let’s try to understand some of the particularities of 12 zodiac signs.
Mesha rasi, mithuna characters
Rishaba rasi characters 
Kataka rasi simha rasi characters 

Kanni rasi characteristics in tamil: Uttaram, Hastham, Chittirai Nakshatra 
This rasi male female is under Earth element and it is under the control of Mercury. Wednesdays are blessed days for this rashi. The people of this rashi are well balanced minded. These people are very loyal and broadminded people. Their family oriented nature makes them popular among everyone. These people are always successful in their career. Virgo people are very good friends and lovers.

Thula rasi characteristics in tamil: Chittirai , Swathi, Visakham Nakshatra. This rasi male and female comes under the impact of planet Venus and the element for this rashi is Air. Friday is lucky day for Libra people. Patience, tolerance and balanced mind are the features of the people of this rashi. These people are loving and caring by nature. Always surrounded by friends, Libra people are very good orators. Their over sensitive nature creates problems for them in many situations. Libra people are intelligent and are capable of handling problematic situations

Viruchigam rasi character in tamil: Visakham, Anusham, Kettai Nakshatra 
The element of this rasi is water and the ruling planet is Pluto. Tuesday is the best day to complete any work successfully. Male and female of this rasi are very self-centered and this is the reason that they are not good in maintaining relationships. These people are very intelligent but their straight forwardness keeps them away from everyone. Their caring nature makes them a very good partner.

Dhanusu rasi characters in tamil : Moolam, Pooradam, Uttiradam Nakshatra 

Jupiter is the ruler of this rasi and the element is Fire. Thursday is lucky day for Sagittarius. Male and female people under this rashi are always cheerful and lively people.  They are very good speakers and eager to gain knowledge. They are straight forward and this can lead to misunderstandings with others. These people are great animal lovers. Generally these are religious people.

Makara rasi characters : Uttiradam, Thiruvonam, Avittam Nakshatra 
Saturn is the ruler of this rashi and it belongs to Earth element. Saturday is fortunate day for this rashi. Male and female under this rasi are known for their hard working nature and devotion towards work. Many times these people are short tempered but diffident by nature. They are very passionate lovers and caring life partners.

Kumbha rasi characters Avittam, Sadhayam, Pooratadhi, Nakshatra 
Uranus is the monarch of this rashi and it comes under Air element. Saturday is lucky for the people under this rashi. Aquarius male and female are very sociable by nature. Their intelligence and helping nature helps them to get high social status easily. But generally these people are impulsive and fail to keep promises. People under this rashi are normally soft spoken.

Meena rasi characteristics : Pooratadhi, Uttiratadhi, Revathi Nakshatra 

Neptune is the leader of this rashi and it is a water element rashi. Thursday is very good day for the people of this rasi. This rasi male and female are known for their sharp memory power. Very sensitive by nature and moody in behavior, many of them are artists and musicians. They are helping by nature but their cunningness makes it difficult for others to deceive them.

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