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Friday, April 4, 2014

Tamil Horoscope Guru Peyarchi 2014 to 2015 Rasi Palan

Tamil Horoscope Guru Peyarchi 2014 - 2015
This is Tamil Horoscope Guru Peyarchi 2014 rasi palan. The year 2014 is going to experience powerful astrological effects, as the transit of 2 major planets will bring many good and bad changes in the life of people under each birth sign. On 19th June Guru (Jupiter) is transiting from Gemini to Cancer and on 2nd November Saturn is transiting from Libra to Scorpio. Though Saturn transit gives you mixed effects on all the signs, the Guru transit will give much positive energy with it.

Guru peyarchi 2014 Mesha rasi palan

Aries Horoscope
Before the Guru transit, the period for the people under this sign will be tough enough. But the transit will bring good luck for you. Keep your important works pending till the second of the year. Guru transit will solve all the financial problems and your professional and family life will be cheerful enough.

Guru peyarchi 2014 for Rishaba rasi Palan

Taurus Horoscope
The year will be fabulous for the people under this sign. Guru transit will leave very beneficial impact on this sign. Success will be at your feet. Family life will be very supportive and chances of going abroad are very high.

Guru peyarchi Mithuna rasi palan 2014

Gemini Horoscope
Though the period before transit will show some troubles, the transit of Guru from this sign will bring lot of happiness in your life. Your work will be appreciated and you will be highly praised for it. Financial growth will make your life enjoyable. Chances of promotion are high.

Guru peyarchi 2014 Kataka rasi palan 

Cancer Horoscope
Guru is going to enter this sign. The Guru will bring lots of progressive year ahead along with him. All lingering problems will get resolved. You will get new challenges and you can complete them successfully. This year will prove very progressive for you. You may find the love of your life in the second half of the year.

Guru peyarchi Simha rasi palan

Leo Horoscope
Guru transit leaves very constructive impact on sign Leo also. This year will prove the best for you. All your dreams and plans will come true. Family life will be energetic and you will enjoy leisure tours with friends and family. Love life will bloom and sudden property gain is predicted.

Guru peyarchi 2014 Kanni rasi palan

Virgo Horoscope
Though the transit will show you mixed results, most of them will be positive only. You are highly advised to take support from friends and family. You have to give your extreme efforts to achieve something but in the end the success will be in your court. Be alert about your health.

Guru peyarchi 2014 Thula rasi palan

Libra Horoscope
The people under this sign will have to suffer some health issues because of this transit. Financial flow will be moderate but increase in expenditure can disturb your total budget. Keep your mind calm and concentrate in your career field. Family life can get disturbed. Chances of job change are high.

Guru peyarchi 2014 Viruchigam Rasi palan

Scorpio Horoscope
This year the sign Scorpio is coming under Saturn cycle effect also. The effect of transit of these two major planets will be negative for you. Health problems, career problems and financial low status will lead you towards stress and tension. Family members and friends will be very supportive.

Guru peyarchi 2014 Dhanus Rasi palan

Sagittarius Horoscope
The Guru transit will bring the good fortune for the people under this sign.  You will enjoy good health throughout the year. Financially this year is very strong. Positive results in professional life will help you to increase your social status very high. Chances of getting new job opportunity or promotion are predicted.

Guru peyarchi 2014 Makara rasi palan Tamil

Capricorn Horoscope
This sign will have to face some adverse effects due to Guru transit. Students are advised to concentrate on studies. Before taking any decision about career path take advice of your elders. Financial source will be satisfactory but new ideas may get flop. You have to face many troublesome situations.

Kumbha rasi Guru Peyarchi

Tamil Horoscope Aquarius

The Guru transit will bring you the mixture of good and bad days throughout the year. Though there will be constructive change in career path, the family may get disturbed. You have to balance between them. You will enjoy the success in many new plans in the second half of the year. New contacts during business tour will be beneficial for you.

Guru peyarchi Meenam 2014 Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope
The transit of Guru from 4th house to 5th house will not prove much beneficial for the people under this sign. There can be big disputes in the family and it may lead to breakage in relationship. Health problems can disturb your life. Be alert in money matter and avoid unwanted expenses.