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Friday, December 18, 2015

Kataka rasi horoscope 2016 rasi palan Tamil predictions

This is kataka rasi horoscope 2016 rasi palan Tamil predictions. The year 2016 is going to be a very good year for you. You can gain desired success during this year. The small disputes in the family will come to end. Financially you will feel relax in the year 2016

Kataka rasi 2016 horoscope
The planet position in the year 2016 astro prediction says that you will get indulged in new love relationship during the months of May to August. Those who are in serious love relationship can plan for marriage this year. New couples should avoid misunderstandings between the relationships. Trust and respect are very important to continue any relation. Newly married couples can find warmth and attachment with each other. It is a very good time to think about pregnancy.

Kataka rasi 2016 career
The career side favor for you in 2016 astrology but you need to take support and help from your colleagues. Your long pending work projects will get completed during the last few months of the year. Those who are in job can get good promotion or better job opportunity. If you are planning for new business project then take advice of experts for proper guidance.

Kataka rasi 2016 predictions in Tamil for finance and money
The financial position will be very good during this year. You will be able to lead a luxurious life in this year but it is better to avoid unnecessary expenditure and save some money for future. Business people will have to invest a very good amount in business plan. Some family expenditure will also occur during the second half of the year. Overall thought the financial status will be satisfactory, you need to balance between income and expenditure.

Kataka rasi 2016 health horoscope
The year is going to prove very good for you with lots of positive results but you need to pay extra attention towards your health. The year is going to be full of work load for you and you need to save some time for your relaxation. The middle of the year will bring some mental tensions and stress. Spend some time for physical exercise and mental relaxation.

Kataka rasi 2016 Family horoscope rasi palan

The small misunderstandings in family will get resolved during this year. Children will give you good news. Spend some time with family members. Small family tours are predicted during end of the year.

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