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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Meena rasi palan 2016 in Tamil Horoscope

This is meena rasi palan 2016 in Tamil horoscope astrology. Sani occupies the position of 11th house in the year 2016. It is the luckiest year for meenam.  Rahu and guru are in the 6th position and ketu is in 12th house.  Here are the astrological predictions for meena rasi 2016.

Meena rasi 2016 predictions Tamil family horoscope
The location of Jupiter gives both positive and negative effects in family and relationship. First half of the year will have little problematic with worries and loss of asset etc but after guru transit 2016 by the month of august there will be complete happy family life. Chance to get meena rasi people to find their life partner and time for joyful events begins here after.

Meena rasi 2016 career and education horoscope
This is excellent year for self workers and business people. There is a chance to get compelte profitable earnings. This year is very favorable for students, meena rasi peopled can accicheve new records in their regular or competitive exams.  Students those who have a plant to get their hither studies in foreign counties can achieve.

Meea rasi health 2016 horoscope
Health condition of meena rasi people in the year 2016 is not favorable. There will be some stress and tension which reduce your energy at your work place. Take care of your eating habits. Eat healthy food with regular exercise to avoid spending money to your doctor.

Meena financial horoscope 2016
Money flow and financial situation of meena rasi people is favorable. The location of Raku gives unexpected expenditure. The second half of the year is favorable to purchase the assets like house of land.  

Meena rasi 2016 love horoscope
Marriage life of meena rasi people during 2016 is satisfactory.  You should be very careful in your relationship because there is a chance for brake up by interferes of the third person in your love life. Those who are interested in marriage get their love settled in marriage.

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