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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tamil Horoscope 2016 Rasi Palan Astrology prediction

This is Horoscope 2016 Tamil Rasi Palan Astrology. Find your astrology prediction here.

Mesha rasi horoscope 2016 rasi palan Aries

The year 2016 is going to bring mixed results for the people under this rash. You have to work hard to achieve success. Concentrate in your work completely to avoid unwanted situations. Those who are waiting for wedding bells can get ready to find a desired life partner during the year 2016. The expenses are going to increase tremendously and you need to try saving money for the future. Think twice before you invest money in the new project. Be careful about your health in the year 2016. Long business tours are expected. Try to spend some time with friends and families.

 Rishaba rasi  2016 horoscope rasi palan Taurus
 Taurus people are always close to family members. This year you are going to get lots of good news and celebration events from your family. Those who are waiting for marriage can hope for wedding bells in this year. Those who are in love have to be bit careful as there are chances of misunderstandings in their relationship. Financially this year will be great for Taurus rashi people. You can see a very positive change in your income status. The expenses will be more and you need to control it. Those who are in job will get new responsibilities on their shoulder and you have to be very careful while handling them. You can enjoy many family and business tours throughout the year. Take care of the health of elders in the family.

 Mithuna rasi 2016 horoscope rasi palan Gemini
The year is going to show you positive results. The artists and those who are engaged in social circle can enjoy high status. There are chances of getting greater opportunity in your career. The new job offers will prove beneficial for you. But take decision with all the precautions. The financial position will not be very satisfactory this year and you have to keep a watch over your expenses. Avoid wasting money on unnecessary things. Marriage chances are high for bachelors. Family life will be cheerful. Enjoy good health throughout the year.

Kataka rasi horoscope 2016 rasi palan Cancer
The people under this rashi are extra sensitive and emotional. Your personal and family life will not be satisfactory this year. This can bring a lot of critical conditions in front of you. It is advisable for the bachelors to postponed the marriage plans till next year. Those who are in love have to be patient as there are chances of break up during this year. Financial status will be stable and you will be able to save some money from your income. Stress related health problems may occur. The year is good for artists and sports people. Take care of your belongings while travelling.

 Simha rasi horoscope 2016 rasi palan Leo
The people under this rashi are found to be dominating by nature. The year is going to bring many family problems for you. Keep control on your anger and try to resolve small disputes and misunderstandings. The career side will be strong enough. You can enjoy high growth in your business. The financial side will also be strong this year. You can invest your money in reliable project. Health will go good in the year 2016. Bachelors can hope to get a desired partner. Avoid business tours during the first half of the year 2016

Kanni  rasi horoscope 2016 rasi palan Virgo
The year is going to prove fabulous for the people under this rashi. The planet condition and the position of sun and moon in your rashi will show you the highest growth in your career. It is a best time to fulfill your dreams. Those who are interested in starting new project or new business, this is the correct time for you. Take advice of the elders in family before investing money. Those who are in family business can hope for great success. The financial position will be satisfactory but you need to control your unwanted expenses, as it can disturb your budget. Health side will be good. The year is good for bachelors to get a suitable partner through arrange marriage.

 Thula rasi horoscope 2016 rasi palan Libra
When you are engage in career and growth, It is equally important to pay attention to your family. Try to spend some time with them. This year Librans are going to face lots of problem in their marital life too. The financial problems may disturb your life. You have to think about finding suitable source of income to come out of this situation. Control your expenses and try to save money. Health will give some problems in the second half of the year. Librans are supposed to be balanced minded and you need to maintain this quality throughout the year. Business journeys will not be successful

 Viruchigam horoscope 2016 rasipalan Scorpio
The year 2016 is good in career side. New business and job opportunities will be at your door step and you need to grab it quickly. The year is going to bring a great success in your life. Lots of responsibilities will be on your head and your sincerity and hard work will help you to complete it successfully. The year is very good for bachelors as they can find the love of their life. Financial and social status will be high. This year will bring you lots of occasions where you need to spend a lot of money. Health side will be strong enough. Family tours will help you to have good time with your dear ones

 Dhanusu rasi  horoscope 2016 rasi palan Sagittarius
The year is not going to show you much positive results. The accidents and calamities may take place in your rashi. Try to be safe throughout the year and try to avoid any type of adventure. Career status will be unchanged but professional people can enjoy positive change in this year. Financial status will remain unchanged. Try to save money for emergency. Some minor health problems can occur this year. Business tours will be successful.
Makara rasi  rasi horoscope 2016 rasi palan Capricorn
Your hard work and determination will bring success in your life. Chances of promotion are very high. Those who are in business can hope for a decent growth in their business. Those who are thinking about business expansion can take the risk this year. Financial flow will be moderate but you need not to worry about the regular expenditure. Chances of marriage are high for the bachelors but you may face some problematic situation. Those who are already married will also face some problems in their married life. Health will not be good and you may face some stress related problems like high blood pressure.

Kumba rasi horoscope 2016 rasi palan Aquarius
Your marital life and family life will be disturbed this year. Try to avoid misunderstandings and minor disputes. Career level will be satisfactory but your job responsibilities will be increased and you need to work very hard to fulfill it. Money flow will increase this year. But there are heavy chances of huge expenditure on unnecessary things or unexpected situations. Long tours are predicted. New business contacts will be helpful. Health will be good but you are advised to get regular check up done.

Meena rasi rasi horoscope 2016 rasi palan  Pisces:

It is important for the Pisces people to work hard to fulfill their desires. It is not enough just to imagine about the success. Give your complete attention and hard work to achieve your goal. The financial flow will be good but avoid unnecessary expenditure. Give your complete attention towards your work and you will enjoy a huge victory. Stressful life and load of work may lead to some health problems. Family will be supportive.

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