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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rasi palan July 2015 in Tamil Astrology aani matha rasi palan

This is Rasi palan July 2015 in Tamil Astrology aani, aadi  matha rasi palan practiced as per Tamil panchangam. 

Mesha rasi palan June 2015   
According to the planet placement in this month you need to bring some changes in your behavior. There will be remarkable improvement in your career this month. New opportunities of financial gain will be at your doorstep. Some of you may face eye problems

Rishaba rasi palan June 2015
To gain desired success you have to maintain lot of patience. Avoid misunderstanding in family matters. Don’t disclose your financial status in front of strangers. Long journeys are predicted

Mithuna rasi palan June 2015
The month is going to show you mix results. You may need to spend your savings for unexpected expenditures. Competitions in career will increase your work load. Stay away from attraction of earning easy money.

Kataka rasi palan June 2015 The success gained in the opening of the month will bring lots of cheer in your life. New business contacts will be beneficial. You can get good news from the family. Take care of your health during second half of the month

Shima rasi palan June 2015
New responsibilities will be given to your in your job so work load will increase during the month. Take advice of seniors while taking important decisions. Keep positive approach to get success in your work.  Long business journeys are predicted

Kanni  rasi palan June 2015
You may have to face some problems in the beginning of the month. Your rivals may try to bring some difficulties in your job and career. If you are in partnership business then be ready for the adjustment and compromises with your partner. Family life will be supportive

Thula rasi palan June 2015
Everyone has to face problems in the life, keep your mind cool and try to find the solutions along with your family members. Avoid unnecessary expenditures. You will be engaged in some religious deeds with your family

Viruchiga rasi palan June 2015
Words are like weapons so use them carefully. Complete your important works during first half of the month. Seniors will be happy with your work. The planet condition is very good for the people who are related with politics

Dhanusu rasi palan June 2015
Life will be cheerful as you will get some good news in the beginning of the month. Social status will increase. Financial flow will be good. This period is very good for them who want to expand their business.

Makara rasi palan June 2015
Try to be in company of good people, this is the advice of planet condition of this month of June. You can prove your potential by accepting and completing new responsibilities. Chances of vehicle purchase are very high

Kumba rasi palan June 2015
Be alert that no one should get hurt because of your words. Try to avoid family disputes. The month is good for artists and sports people. They can achieve success and fame during this month. Family life will be cheerful.

Meena rasi palan June 2015
The first half of the month is going to bring a huge success in your life. But during second half some unwanted things will take place. The support of Jupiter will not give you much trouble. Avoid disputes among friend circle.

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