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Sunday, November 16, 2014

December 2014 Rasi palan Tamil Horoscope Astrology

December 2014 Rasi palan Tamil Horoscope
This is December 2014 Rasi palan karthigai – margazhi masam Tamil Horoscope
December 2014 rasi palan.

Mesha rasi palan December 2014 Tamil  Aries
Financially the month is good but it will bring lot of stress and tension along with it. Don’t lose your hopes and face the situation bravely. Take care of your health. Family life will be supportive. Engage yourself in social activities.

Rishaba rasi palan December 2014 Tamil Taurus:
Success is at your door step, what you need to do is use your confidence. Your efforts will gain appreciation. Financial status will grow and bring lot of happiness in the life. Some health problems are predicted in the end of the month.

Tamil Mithuna rasi palan November 2014 Gemini:
 The month is going to prove beneficial for you. You can achieve great success as your planets are going to support you. Money problems will get solved. Long journeys will prove beneficial to make new contacts and grow your business or career.

Kataka rasi palan December 2014 Cancer:
Make lots of friends but don’t trust them blindly. The month is bit troublesome for you. Avoid business relationship with friends. Expenditure can grow bigger than the income. Avoid family disputes. The end of the month is good for you.

Shima rasi palan December Leo:
The good time is waiting for you during this month. Face your new responsibilities bravely and you will achieve success. Favourable planet condition will make you enthusiastic. Those who are in jobs may get promotion. Remarkable change in love life is predicted.

Kanni  rasi palan December Virgo:
The month will be satisfactory for you but you need to do lots of efforts to get financial stability. Health will be good and you can get good news from family. Avoid long journeys. The possibility of theft is predicted.

Thula rasi palan December 2014 Libra:
Control your expenditure as the money flow will not be so good. Continue with your hard work and sincerity. During the second half of the month, Sun will be supportive for your rasi and you will get support from friends and family.

Tamil Viruchigam rasi palan December Scorpio:
The days are difficult and they can disturb your life during this month. But the support of Mars and Jupiter planets will prove very helpful for you. The month is good for students and artists. Family problems are predicted.

Dhanusu rasi palan December Sagittarius:
Be ready for the stressful conditions this year. The month is not good for any new task or responsibility. So if you have any plan in your mind then better to wait for New Year. Be neutral in family matters.

Makara rasi palan December  2014 Capricorn:
The month of December is beneficial for you. Family life will be cheerful and supportive. The advices from the elders will be useful. Monetary status will be high. Over all the end of the year is good for your rasi.

Kumba rasi palan December Aquarius:
Show the world what you have! Your talent will be appreciated this month. You can get better job opportunity or high promotion in the job. Sports people will get desires success. Stressful life will bring health problems during second half of the month.

Meena rasi palan December 2014 Pisces:

The month is bit challenging. The planet condition is not much favourable. The second half of the month will bring some hopes in your life. Change of job or a small promotion is expected during second half.

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