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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

November 2014 Rasi palan aippasi masam Tamil Horoscope

October 2014 Rasi palan Tamil Horoscope
This is October 2014 Rasi palan aippasi masam Tamil Horoscope

Mesha rasi palan November 2014 Tamil  Aries:
The month is very good for artists and sports people. Those who are in business should take advice from experienced people before taking any decision. You can get success in religious activities. Second half of the month will give you some health troubles.

Rishaba rasi palan November 2014 Tamil Taurus:
Sun and mercury are in favourable conditions this month. You can overcome difficulties with your hard work and patience. Try to avoid small misunderstandings in family. Avoid long journeys.

Tamil Mithuna rasi palan November 2014 Gemini:
Your self confidence is the key towards your success. Old pending works will get finished during this month. New business plans will get successful. During second half of the month, be alert while doing any type of investment.

Kataka rasi palan November 2014 Cancer:
New responsibilities will be challenging for you. Over work load will make your life stressful. Avoid being over confidence in field of business. Your wrong decisions can bring you in trouble. Students will get success in exams.

Shima rasi palan November Leo Leo:
First half of the month will be favourable for you. Sun-mercury and Venus will give you success in career. You can enjoy the sweet fruit of victory and wealth during this period. But along with this you need to pay attention towards your family matters.

Kanni  rasi palan November Virgo:
It is not easy to get success and you need to work very hard to achieve it. Elders in the family will be supportive. Jupiter will come in favourable house during second half of the month. You can get good news from family.

Thula rasi palan November 2014  Libra:
It is necessary to maintain your status in this month. Think twice before taking any decision. Before investing in business, think about future consequences. Planet mars will be in favourable condition. Social circle will prove beneficial.

Tamil Viruchigam rasi palan November Scorpio:
The month of November will give you mixed results. Your opponents will not be able to give you troubles. Health will give some troubles during the end of the month. Ladies can spend some time in religious activities.

Dhanusu rasi palan November Sagittarius:
The favourable condition of sun-mercury and Venus can make you victorious in your career. Financial side will be strong and this will give you more confidence. Take care of your health during second half of the month.

Makara rasi palan November 2014 Capricorn:
Financial side will be strong in month of November. But unexpected expenditure will disturb your budget. Work load will make your life stressful. Take proper care of your health. Your social status will be high during second half of the month.

Kumba rasi palan November Aquarius:
It is very important to maintain balance between your decisions and your deeds. This can only lead you towards success. Financial position will be moderate. Some business journeys are predicted.

Meena rasi palan November 2014 Pisces:

Don’t waste your time in fighting on small issues. Concentrate your mind in working on future plans. Getting success will be difficult this month. You can get good news during second half of the month. Long journeys are predicted.

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