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Rasi characters in Tamil horoscope astrology

This is Rasi characters in tamil horoscope astrology. Every zodiac sign represents different characteristics and personality. Let’s try to...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Rasi Characteristics Horoscope Rasi Palan Astrology

This is Rasi Characteristics horoscope astrology This is We have 12 different sun signs which can give the correct information about the personality of the people who come under that rasi. Let’s take a look over different characteristics of each rasi

 Aries horoscope characteristics Astrology
 This rashi is based on fire element. The planet Mars is ruling this rashi. It is believed that Tuesday can prove lucky for the people under this rashi to start with any new work. Arians are exploratory by nature. Their confidence level is too high to do any type of difficult task. The people under this sign are very short tempered and impatient. But then also they are always surrounded by friends. The extreme self confidence makes you popular among society. But this nature leads them towards selfish behavior as they can think about themselves first. Arians can prove a very good friend as they believe on others very easily and ready to do anything for them.

Taurus Horoscope Characteristics Astrology
This rashi is based on earth Element and the ruling planet of this rashi is Venus. Friday will prove lucky for them. The Taurus people are supposed to be very loyal and reliable. They are refereed as honest fellows. Generally these people don’t like changes and behave aggressively in some situations. Strong by mind the Taurus people are always fixed with their decision. These people are also very short tempered but their temperament depends upon the person opposite. Normally Taurus people will not express their emotions easily.

Gemini Horoscope Characteristics Astrology
This rashi is based on Air element and Mercury is the ruling planet. Wednesday is supposed to be the lucky day. Gemini people are very good in talking and explaining. These people are very curious and always have urge to gain knowledge. The negative points of this rashi are they are confusing people and sometimes behave selfishly. The people under this sign are fond of entertainment and excitement. This people are great food lover also. They have complete mastery on their words and this super quality can help to overcome any difficult situation. In the matter of love Gemini people are not much loyal as they like change always.

Cancer Horoscope Characteristics Astrology
This is the Water element rashi and moon is the ruler of this rashi. Monday is the lucky day for the people under this rashi. These people are totally family oriented and very loyal. They are much moody and over sensitive towards a particular thing. Their moods and emotions keep on changing. Thus they cannot be described with any particular emotion or personality. It is very easy for the Cancer people to hide the true emotions. Hard efforts lead cancer people towards success.

Leo Horoscope Characteristics Astrology
The ruling planet of this sign is Sun and the element is Fire. Sundays are lucky for these people. Leo people are kind hearted and fun loving. They are very energetic by nature and honest towards their family and friends. The negative point of their nature is the extreme jealousy and possessiveness. These people are bit egoistic and domination is the part of their personality. The Leo people carry property of perfect leader. They are also a perfect life partner.

Virgo Horoscope Characteristics Astrology
The ruler of this rashi si Mercury and element is Earth. Wednesdays are lucky for them. These people are very level-headed and practical by nature. They are very genuine and tolerant people. These people are family oriented and they love to be in crowd always. They always give their best in their career. They love perfection in all matters and they are ready to spend much time on that. Virgo people prove to be the very good friends for life time.

Libra Horoscope Characteristics Astrology
Venus is the ruling planet of Libra and Element is Air. Friday is the lucky day for them. These people are known for their extreme patience and balanced mind. The people under this rashi are loving and energetic. Their social nature and cheerfulness make them very famous among people. The weak side of this rashi is the over emotional and receptive behavior. Sometimes they are found to be careless towards life. These people are very polite and intelligent people. They can deal with any situation.

Scorpio Horoscope Characteristics Astrology
The ruling planet is Pluto and Water is the element of this rashi. Tuesdays are supposed to be lucky for them. The people are referred are trustworthy and caring. But they get the feeling of covetousness very easily. These people are very egoistic and this behavior keeps them away from building good relations with others. They are too much straight forward which can hurt someone. They can prove a most loyal friend and life partner ever.

Sagittarius Horoscope Characteristics Astrology
The element of the rashi is Fire and the rashi comes under the rule of Jupiter. Thursday is the lucky day for the sign. The people who come under this rashi are honest, intellectual and cheerful. They carry wonderful skill of communication. The negative points of this rashi are they are always restless. The straight forwardness of these people can hurt others easily. They love animals and ready to help them. Friends are family are comfortable with Sagittarius people are cheerful by nature. They fall in love very easily and are loyal towards the partner.

Capricorn Horoscope Characteristics Astrology
The ruling planet of this rashi is Saturn and the Element is Earth. Saturday is referred as lucky day for them. These people are very hard working and responsible. Their determination is the main strength of them. But this rashi people are short tempered and very shy natured. They can adjust with any situation. The people under this rashi are very passionate in love. They like to be loved by others.

Aquarius Horoscope Characteristics Astrology
The Planet Uranus is the ruler of this rashi and Air is the element. Saturday is the lucky day for them. The people under this rashi are very friendly by nature. They are intelligent and kind hearted. The negative part of their nature is they are unpredictable and avoid to make commitment. The people under this rashi are soft spoken and always encourage new ideas.

Pisces Horoscope Characteristics Astrology
The ruling planet for this rashi is Neptune and element is water.
Thursdays are lucky for them. These people are blessed with very sharp memory power. They are sensitive but their mood can change suddenly. Sometimes these people are found cunning by nature. They are the artists and love music and art. These people are of helping nature thus popular among friends.

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